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Get Away From the Bugs

As soon as the sun starts to set and the mosquitoes emerge from their hiding places, your time outside becomes significantly less magical. Swatting at flies, trying to keep ants off your food — we've all been there. However, our superior quality sunrooms allow you to be outside, away from bugs, and out of direct sunlight, so you can enjoy life as it was meant to be lived—pest-free. Unlike screens, these allow you to close the windows and still enjoy your space when it rains. We are based in Lakefield, and serve southern Ontario.

Three Season Sunroom


Whether it's a three-season sunroom designed to extend your enjoyment of the outdoors (without the usual annoyances of wind, rain, insects and harmful UV rays), or an all season sunroom with double-glazed windows and thick foam walls and roof, your sunroom will provide you and your family with an area to enjoy for many years to come.

Cottage Country Sunrooms provide quality sunrooms, but our knowledge of the local area translates to a unique understanding of the environment. We work closely with the manufacturer to design, manufacture, and install a custom-designed sunroom that best suits your needs! Our design will perfectly complement your existing structure so that it looks like it has always been there.

Sunspace Quality Sunrooms

We are proud to use Sunspace Quality Sunrooms as our manufacturer. These products are constructed of maintenance-free aluminum and vinyl, and are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to design the exact sunroom you want.